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Define treasure

NHS Sell-Off: The NHS Has Been Abolished!

Corporate interests rather than patient care is driving reform in today’s NHS and will divert money away from you:

Jimmy Hendrix was discovered in New York by Geordie Music producer Chas Chandler - he came back to Newcastle and some remember him playing in venues across the city!


ichi-go ichi-e [from Zen Buddhism | Japanese 4-character idiom 一期一会] ~ lit. "one time, one meeting"; often translated as "for this time only", "never again", or "one chance in a lifetime", but a better translation may be “Treasure every encounter, for it will never recur.”


Wit beyond measure is man's greatest treasure. Just peeked in my planner and realized that today is Ravenclaw House Pride Day! Where my Ravenclaws at? Founded by Rowena Ravenclaw those in Ravenclaw house are defined by their wit learning creativity and wisdom. Also often known as quirky and possess unusual intellectual interests (we're looking at you Luna) Ravenclaws generally accept and encourage eccentricities. Notable Ravenclaws: . Perpetua Fancourt inventor of the lunascope Laverne ...


I wish I had seen this during design school. It would have been super useful. It's a box with an architectural model and 3D rendering nicely packaged.