Super Pac Crap

It’s bold, but legal: How campaigns and their super PAC backers work together

9/11/2001 GEORGE BUSH is just as guilty as Bin Laden for all the innocent people killed on 911 at the Twin Towers. George Bush did something that pissed of Bin Laden...George Bush is to chicken to tell what he did or what he committed to piss off Bin Laden, George Bush just went into hiding because he is a punk.

LOOK: The Heart-Wrenching Images Of 9/11 That We'll Never Forget

My daughter sat in her office a few blocks away and saw the second plane hit. Planes hit the twin towers of the World Trade Center on September as part of a coordinated terrorist attack.

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Campaign Action   A little over a month from now, the 538 Electoral College members will come together and throw in their “votes” to choose our next president. By that time, Hillary Clinton will have somewhere around 2,000,000 more citizen votes than...

Another day , another link between Donald Trump& White House advisers and actual Nazi collaborators . Stephen Bannon, President Donald Trump& chief strategist, recently spoke approvingly of the .

Chaffetz Enters Email Into Testimony Showing Clinton Aids Knew Benghazi Was a Terrorist Attack | Washington Free Beacon

Chris Matthews: Gun Rights Advocates Aren’t ‘Normal People.’ 'Normal people have other interests—… Second Amendment

Right-wing food companies

5 radical right-wing food companies

5 food chains owned by far right-wingers who've spent significant money opposing gay rights and abortion rights and funding conservative super-PACs: Chick-fil-A Carl’s Jr. Domino’s Pizza White Castle Waffle House.

Superdelegates; Super PACS explained

You can actually SPEAK money into your life, try it!(Law Of Attraction)

There's a contradiction in principles. "The letter of the law killeth.". (Armed government agents raid animal shelter to euthanize baby deer « Hot Air)

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Flour Pack Loiudice

The Ghosts Of America's Past: Clinton's Run For President Has Been 96 Years In The Making

The Ghosts Of America's Past: Clinton's Run For President Has Been 96 Years In The Making

On Trump: 'It’s always fun to beat up on the moderators in the press - I get that - but there is a boundary one should not cross, and hopefully this helped define where it is,' says Kelly

Megyn Kelly opens up about Trump, pregnancy and childhood in interview

New Day For America, a super PAC supporting John Kasich, released the first attack ad against Donald Trump on Monday.

Who knew 17 people are responsible for defining the course of this election? And none of them is named Barack Obama or Mitt Romney, it turns out.

How Much Does It Cost To Buy The 2012 Election?

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WHAT????? Hillary Clinton Couldn’t Define For FBI What Should Be Classified, Thought Future Drone Strike Not Classified

Apparent Army Opsec Brief Lists Hillary Clinton, David Petraeus As Examples Of Insider Security Threats