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101 Short Funny Quotes and Sayings with Pictures

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and anyway it isn't bliss, educate yourself, work out what you believe, don't drift. Don't ever drift.

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Squib. Pronunciation: skwib. noun: squib, plural noun: squibs. Definition: 1. a small firework that burns with a hissing sound before exploding. a short piece of satirical writing. NORTH AMERICAN: a short news item or filler in a newspaper. 2. a small, slight, or weak person, especially a child. Verb. 3rd person present: squibs. 1. FOOTBALL: kick (the ball) a comparatively short distance on a kickoff; execute (a kick) in this way. BASEBALL: hit (the ball) with little force, usually with the…

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Natalya Lobanova Drawings by Natalya Lobanova. Big high-five to Georgia for ID’ing Natalya’s work on the Booooooom Tumblr. Love the moths one!

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pronunciation | 'cher-E-ant-“is-m #charientism, noun, no idea what the origin is, insult, slytherin, yes I'm tagging this as slytherin, clever, tagging is hard guys, words, otherwordly, other-wordly, definitions, C,

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