Leonardo Da Vinci's Vitruvian Man Explained - I’m sure you have seen Leonardo da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man before; it´s one of the images most reproduced in academic books, movies, art and parodies. But what is it that makes it so special?

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This is the entrance monument for Fujitec escalator manufacturing company in Japan. Looks like you could almost walk up it! Via user submission, by Takayuki Tomoi

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Pass the Plate Sight Words...music stops...go around and say sight word on your plate (could also do math facts)

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We only believe that we are masters in our own house because we like to flatter ourselves. Actually, however, we are dependent to a startling degree upon the proper functioning of the unconscious psyche, and must trust that it does not fail us.- Carl Jung, Modern Man in Search of a Soul

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Bieg - GRAFIKA - GURUPA.pl - Portal Grafiki Autorskiej - Pracownia Cyfrowego Druku Artystycznego - Obrazy i Tapety prosto od Autorów

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