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Define Repetition

This tunic sweater is almost completely crocheted with hairpin lace, a very stretchy, open fabric of strips that are joined as you go. There is a solid single crochet waistband, lending structure to the tunic and loosely defining the waist. The unique texture of the flat ribbon yarn is prominently displayed by the open construction, and the simple repetitive stitch pattern creates a clean look for the finished garment. With a relaxed fit and airy but elegant appearance, this is a truly…

Intricate Designs: Indonesian Craft Textiles


The New York Times book review . Emiliano Ponzi


American designer Paul Rand (1914–1996) defined design as a unified activity, based on analysis and governed by imagination. Throughout his lengthy career – in which he created some of world’s most successful and recognizable logos such as those for IBM, UPS, and ABC – his design work was governed by fundamental principles such as beauty, intelligence, repetition, symbol, and humor. He set new standards for graphic design.


Messianic history is defined by two major characteristics. First, it is a history of salvation: something must be saved. But it is also a final history, an eschatological history, in which something must be completed, judged. It must happen here, but in another time; it must leave chronology behind, but without entering some other world. This is the reason why messianic history is incalculable. —— Giorgio Agamben, ‘Difference and Repetition: On Guy Debord’s Films’


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Wollerton Old Hall A formal plantsman's garden with garden 'rooms' each with their own defining style. Photographed by Clive Nichols.