Define paladin'd they do this if the pool is on the ceiling....? Flip the gravity? I mean it's artificial so they could...

“ Pidge was probably the one who figured out how to turn the room upside down Based off: ”

10 Paladin Magic Items (PFRPG) Boots of the Brave allow you to excel when kicking down the door and protecting your allies when covering their retreat (temporarily enhancing their flight-speed!), including an option that allows you to make combat maneuvers to shut down enemy movement. Pretty cool item, though the latter option to negate movement of target creatures may be a bit strong for the 18,500 GP price-tag of the superior boots. Bracers of Heroic Deeds allow you to catch allies about…

10 Paladin Magic Items (PFRPG) - Equipment as heroic as you are!

Hand-carved details define the frame of the American West #chair by Paladin, which is clad in patterned #upholstery and additional padding on the arms ($1,725).

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Overwatch Fan Art

Overwatch Fan Art

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Get the Word of the Day - paladin |

Hollywood Holsters  my favorite Paladin, Have gun will travel

Hollywood Holsters my favorite Paladin, Have gun will travel

The Edgewalker: Wielder of Light and Darkness - How many roads will you walk down?  Just as at home stalking the shadows for their prey as they are bringing luminescent wrath down upon their foes in a display of pyrotechnics, edgewalkers come across as walking paradoxes to most observers, most observers being defined as those who haven't just been shown, in excruciating detail, mind you, that both approaches are just as lethal. Edgewalkers believe in the duality of all things. Life and…

The Antipodist - Radiant Shadowsage - Interjection Game's base class, the antipodist is a full caster base class that specializes in the use of diametric