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Define Opression

from Black Girl with Long Hair

5 Reasons Cultural Appropriation Pisses Me Off as a Black Woman

"5 Reasons Cultural Appropriation Pisses Me Off as a Black Woman. Very well written article."


John kerry calls for open borders NWO I know what it's like to be told to shut up.. I married someone who has pointed the finger..come towards me.. And said "shut your mouth" too many times to count ..and terrified. I was left once again with no voice. You daughters..nieces.. are headed towards the same future. #saudiarabia #opression #newworldorder #onegovernment #mustwatch

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What is Sexual Assault? At what point does intimidation cross the line into assault? Does the definition change for a mother, daughter, sister, wife? Is the unnecessary sense of internal shame and damage to the victims private sense of security for a lifetime considered?


never again will i be told that i can't dance. i will rise above opression. i will overcome. i will dance.


Anti-capitalism color - Capitalism - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Terrorism according to gov't and its presstitute media.


I f***ing hate it. That is NOT a feminist, FOR CHRIST'S SAKE! That's a feminazi that thinks they're a feminist. But that is not a feminist. Not even close. You must be able to identify when a feminazi is being stupid and pretending to be a feminist before defining feminists as man-hating maniacs. No. No, actual feminists want equality, god damn it.

The angry woman can be ignored in the way a fierce wise women can never be. #feminism