This speech is historic. She defended the US-British Alliance. It’s refreshing to see a change in rhetoric. She defended Western Culture. It’s a welcome change after the Obama catastrophe we have had. UK Prime Minister Theresa May: The relationship between the US and UK has “defined the modern world” — CNN Politics (@CNNPolitics) January 26, …

Unlearn sexism! End rape culture! Bury the patriarchy! FIGHT BACK!! The handwritten nature of this font. how it's in capitals to make it appear like they're shouting, which is a protest so you would expect this.

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Daily Times - Leading News Resource of Pakistan - ‘Balochistan govt will soon move bill against corporal punishment’

Angela Merkel Photos Photos - German Chancellor Angela Merkel (L) and Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny arrive to address a joint news conference at the chancellery in Berlin on July 12, 2016. / AFP / John MACDOUGALL - Merkel, Kenny Want Britain's May to Quickly Define EU Ties

I see the message ministering of prosperity very often, especially on Social Media. I’m also aware of Ministries built on the message of prosperity. Prosperity defined, “successful in…

Margaret Thatcher (1925–2013) held office from 4 May 1979 to 28 November 1990 during the reign of Elizabeth II

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The first female Prime minister of Great Britain, Mrs Thatcher defined a decade. In particular she is remembered for her emphasis on individual responsibility and belief in free markets. Developed close relationships with R. Reagan, but was more sceptical of European integration.

Top News: "UK POLITICS: Backlash! Tories On Offensive Against Theresa May Over Ivan Rogers Resignation" - - Theresa May faces a growing Brexit backlash from Conservative MPs over the extraordinary resignation of Britain’s top diplomat in Brussels, Sir Ivan Rogers. on Politics: World Political News Articles, Political Biography: Politicoscope -

Abortion And Public Policy - The use of the term "baby" or "child" or "human being" to describe an embryo or fetus is a propaganda device known as prolepsis which Webster's Dictionary, defines as "an anticipating, especially the describing of an event as if it had already happened," when in fact it may be months away or may never happen. For example, no one who eats a fertilized hen egg says he has just eaten a chicken, nor is the crushing of an acorn the destruction of an oak tree.

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Prime Minister Jean Chrétien received a standing ovation after refusing to join the U.S. war in Iraq (2003)(These 99 Photos Define Canadas 21st Century So Far)

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