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Define Livid

In de rechtbank zag Sabine Dutroux zijn vrouw, ze schreeuw "IK ZAL U NOOIT VERGETEN". Ik hoop dat dit de vrouw is bijgebleven en dat ze beseft wat voor monster was tijdens deze gebeurtenissen.


How many times have you seen a video of Barack Obama giving service to a stranger? Answer: 0 Check this one out. Supporters seek to define the real Mitt Romney - CBS News

Anger: What’s Your Favorite Flavor?

When it comes to anger many people express anger in many different ways. Here are some ways to define your way of expressing anger and tips to express anger in a healthy positive way.


Parents Livid Over ‘Democratic’ School’s Shock Field Trip — but the Director Says It Was ‘Beautiful’ | Video |

"Dear Barb and Tom. No. Not only because you fail to define what you consider being "GODLESS", but also because my activities are none of your business. You might want to consider explaining the world to your "imp-ressionable" daughter yourself instead of trying to control your fellow human beings. Also, your "imp-ressionable" daughter is better served, if her parents, who, after all, are the most important role models in her life, used proper spelling of English. Have a nice day."