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Latinos Define Their Identity In Stunning Photo Essay

KNOWLEDGE OF SELF..... LA LA ANTHONY Afro-Latinos face many challenges when it comes to identity particularly when people refuse to believe that being Black and Latino arent mutually exclusive experiences. In a personal essay for Latina magazine in 2011 the Power actress described the pushback shes received over her Black and Latina identity. As I start to get my feet wet in Hollywood I already know that there are certain parts I wont even be considered for Anthony wrote. The character can…

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Racism is not about how you look, it's about how people assign meaning to how you look. - Robin D.G. Kelley. The Race Exhibit, National Museum of Natural History, Washington DC.

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Roasted Cauliflower and Lentil TacosForget fish tacos and try this crispy cauliflower version instead. #refinery29

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Arm coverup? Maybe. Changed a bit. Blk and white, colored roses. Holding an anchor, not cross. Take out the lines of the face and the thing behind her head. And maybe wings encasing her?

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The New School: 6 Latino Designers You Need to Know

If you love Oscar de la Renta, Carolina Herrera, and Manolo Blahnik, make room in your closet for these #NewSchool Latino Design Stars. Ranging from minimal chic to loud and sexy, these icons-in-the-making are inspiration defined.

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What Defines Latino Literature?

In compiling the latest anthology in the Norton series, professor Ilan Stavans researched the themes explored by Latino authors