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Marble Sculptures by Matthew Simmonds...Ancient Greece, Alexander

Astronomers define our place in the cosmos

As the Milky Way hurtles thru space, it doesn't travel alone. It's part of a galactic supercluster which astronomers have recently mapped & named 'Laniakea' - Hawaiian for 'immeasurable heaven.' They say it contains about 100,000 galaxies clustered into a roughly heart-shaped structure, all engaged in a common galactic waltz.

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Fight Back! | Poster

Unlearn sexism! End rape culture! Bury the patriarchy! FIGHT BACK!! The handwritten nature of this font. how it's in capitals to make it appear like they're shouting, which is a protest so you would expect this.

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700BC-650 BCE Tridacna squamosa shell carved with a human head on the apex and two incised winged sphinxes in a register on the edge of the inner side; lotus buds and flowers in the space above the sphinxes with a band of hatched or plain triangles framed by parallel lines defining the inner edge of the field; assembled from fragments; the shell served as a container for cosmetics. E.MED -PHOENICIAN found probably in Vulci Italy, exact production site unclear British Museum

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Defining Characteristics: -Scary looking -Huge -Large wings -Talons -Head crests -Spiny -Small tail -Dark color -Nocturnal -Small or no eyes -Rectangular face

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From my first time reading it, this quote has stuck with me…

And in the end, we were all just humans… drunk on the idea that love, only love, could heal our brokenness.

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