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Define Grotesque

Carolina d'Ayala Valva photo Grotesque-is defined as the decorative art of combining human and animal forms with scrollwork and foliage. Lik...

"Dracula" (dir. Tod Browning, 1931) --- Bela Lugosi turns in a landmark horror performance in this 1931 adaptation of Bram Stoker's classic vampire novel. Revisit Transylvania for the eerie mood created by spectacular cinematography and Lugosi's oft-copied take on the infamous Dracula. Dwight Frye as Renfield also helps define the grotesque and sniveling sidekick role.


Italian Painted Table

Extraordinary and elaborately fanciful hand-painted details define this unique painted Italian table, purchased at auction in Milan. Early 20th-century and exquisitely aged by time with some restoration. Grotesque motifs may have been inspired by Uffizi murals.

Monster Menagerie: Covens of Chaos  a short discussion on coven magic, arguably one of the defining characteristics of hags before delving into the latest addition to the roster of evil crones, the disgusting Bangungot (CR 6): Terribly obese, these grotesque creatures have lost their teeth and can vomit up the bones of the poor unfortunates they have consumed to obey their every whim as undead servitors or support them, when their spear-like nails don't do the job alone. Very cool! The…

Teaser_Talk as I can Feel

A good-looking, clearly drunk man. An apparently deaf boy, an over-the-top guy, he could be defined as insolent, impudent. A meeting… maybe a crash, a casual one will put the man in a difficult and grotesque situation. An escalation leading the two characters through ambiguous and paradoxical dynamics, alternating revelations to misunderstandings.

"Leonardo experimented with characatures... Here is 'Two grotesque profiles' 1485-90. Beauty and old age fasinated Leo. It was thought in past ages that your face defined your character...."

Visionary, mystical, allegorical, moral bitter, ironic, caustic, sarcastic since the grotesque, introverted narcissist but also polemically aggressive, obsessed with a persecution complex. So you can define James Ensor (1860-1949), abnormal but vital figure in modern art, the great forerunner of Expressionism and beyond