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Layered Landscapes Made of Graphite, Tape, and Resin

LA-based mixed media artist Brooks Shane Salzwedel assembles beautiful natural landscapes, often featuring some form of majestic architecture like bridges and oil drilling towers. The artist primarily works with graphite, tape, and resin to produce these layered images, giving each one a three-dimensional feel. The separation that defines the difference between foreground and background is …

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Petit banc de jardin en bois, pierre ou métal- 52 idées tendance

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True black and white. defined lines, foreground and distance, a story unfolds... Henri Cartier-Bresson - Makes your eye move around the picture.

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Art Projects for Kids: Layered Winter Landscape different colours for different times and seasons

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This piece by Tracey Emin is called I Think of you. The range of media varies from Indian ink to blue watercolour which creates a serine atmosphere such as blue skies for example. I feel as though it has been drawn quite fluidly with less control almost rushing the piece to get a point across. Also it is quite abstract because the face is not defined, yet the body appears to be drawn continuously. The background is hazy and is not as clear as the foreground, making it seem like a memory.

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Layered Landscapes Made of Graphite, Tape, and Resin

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