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Gender-neutral clothing: We try out Selfridges new Agender range

Gender neutral clothing range, Agender. Why does clothing have to be he/she and not just a 'ME'? I would so shop at a store like this

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"Look like th' innocent flower, but be the serpent under 't." —Lady Macbeth, Macbeth Act 1, scene 5, Shakespeare << get me I knows my stuff

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Androgyny and Gender Fluidity

ezra miller / sirius black. [Altho decidedly 'feminine' in certain ways (which I love in myself and others, too), I am not defined by the 'femme' role. I'm a bit worried that that's where you're wanting me. But here's my truth: The older I get, the more I become who I really am... i.e., Androgyny is alive and well in my being. You probably should consider that seriously at this point in time...

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GRLPWR Art Print

• conquer from within •

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The Pool | News & Views - These illustrations brilliantly summarise the…

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I act like a woman when I'm feeling particularly brave and strong (when I feel bold enough to say 'no' to ignorant sexists.) This is because society doesn't like feminine people- it degrades them and calls them degrading names.

'Rocky Horror Picture Show,' 1975

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Blue is for Boys

Artist Colby Jones breaks down gender stereotypes with sequinned collages:

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A bride getting her makeup done prior to putting on her wedding dress.

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