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The Green Transformations Cluster at IDS is looking for a Research Fellow who can contribute to our understanding of the economics and/or politics of Green Transformations, which we define as structur...

Angola: Into the 21st Century Saharan Africa’s biggest oil producer is defining its own new role in the region and the world, economically and diplomatically. The aim is to leverage oil revenues tobuild new infrastructure and advance health and education, studying but never simply copying what other countries have done. Entrepreneurs with internationalexperience are helping key sectors leapfrog to the latest technology.

Being Middle Class in China : Many studies of the Chinese middle class focus on defining it and viewing its significance for economic development and its potential for sociopolitical modernisation. This book goes beyond such objective approaches and considers middle class people’s subjective understanding and diverse experiences of class. Based on extensive original research including social surveys and detailed interviews, the book explores who the middle class think they are, wha...

What does a President-elect Trump mean for Silicon Valley? Nothing very good. Donald J. Trump is now the President-elect of the United States after one of the most surreal and unlikely campaign victories in American history. Stock markets are already negatively reacting negatively to the reality of a President Trump and the dollar is also falling. The short-term prospects for the tech economy and Silicon Valley are grim according to economists with knowledge of the Trump platform. While…

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How Does the Bible Define Poverty?

Many people and organizations view poverty in economic terms. How does this description align with Scripture? How does the Bible define poverty?

From Go Digital : Consumer interest in the “sharing economy,” a popular term that’s been loosely defined as an economic ecosystem built a...

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Latvia is the best example of an economic disaster somehow defined as a success

Latvia is the best example of an economic disaster somehow defined as a success – Quartz