Suède / Dans un ancien entrepôt : Kafé magazinet /

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Neue Heimat is one of those hard to define super cool spaces. Located in a funky and edgy derelict area along Revaler .

This week the most visited modern and contemporary art museum in the world celebrates its 15 year anniversary. After its transformation from derelict power station to beloved beacon of British culture, Tate Modern has defined a generation and helped open

The oldest residents of that abandoned house were the spiders. Many generations had laced the walls with cobwebs of intricate beauty.

M House by Jamie Falla Architecture

The remodelling and addition to a derelict former packing shed creating a low energy open plan 4 bedroom family home. The 2 storey box defines entrance, storage, kitchen, utility and play space.

Abandoned Orient Express Train Reminds Us Of The Luxury Travel Of The Past

This once grand Orient Express train has been abandoned for years, but surprisingly it still provides a glimpse of the extravagance it once possessed.

Did you know that the NIV doesn't use the word "keepers at home" in regards to married women's role? No, they have redefined it as meaning "busy at home." William Einwechter wrote an incredible article

Abandoned in Havana, Cuba - trapped in time. Ice cream colored decaying buildings and cars from the P. There's not Cuba, it's a Balat in Istanbul/Turkey ❤️ | Breathing in Liverpool | Street Art in Liverpool City Centre June 2015 Street Art is a diverse, constantly evolving art form, one that moves across the derelict buildings, bus shelters and hoardings of cities across the world. Graffiti galleries on the internet take the street art scene from local to global, in your face but transient. The genre is as difficult to pin down as is to define - shifting rules apply. Street art has its roots in history, echoing cave…

Abandoned Orient Express Train Reminds Us Of The Luxury Travel Of The Past

July An inner city back street that was home to many of Melbourne's poor. The original caption written for this photograph defined the poor as widows, the unemployed, unmarried mothers and the derelict.

30 beautiful bedrooms with great ideas to steal

This impressive renovated derelict barn has been transformed by a contemporary interior - not least in this innovative bedroom-cum-bathroom. A modern chandelier suspended above the freestanding bath helps to define the bathing zone.