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Define Derelict

In the late 19th century there were six slate quarries in the Cwmorthin Valley, Tanygrisiau, North Wales with 300 people living and working there. The quarries are all now silent, disused and derelict. Cwmorthin Valley is a wonderful place full of history with an eerie silence. Here the hard working families helped define a period in Welsh history. Welsh Slate was and still is renowned around the world. Workers walked from Bethesda each week to work in this quarry. In this photo the…

Suède / Dans un ancien entrepôt : Kafé magazinet /

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Grand Orient Express - a train that defined luxury back in 1883 when it was launched. There are only a couple of these beauties left in the…

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Neue Heimat is one of those hard to define super cool spaces. Located in a funky and edgy derelict area along Revaler ... | Breathing in Liverpool | Street Art in Liverpool City Centre June 2015 Street Art is a diverse, constantly evolving art form, one that moves across the derelict buildings, bus shelters and hoardings of cities across the world. Graffiti galleries on the internet take the street art scene from local to global, in your face but transient. The genre is as difficult to pin down as is to define - shifting rules apply. Street art has its roots in history, echoing cave…

July 1970: An inner city back street that was home to many of Melbourne's poor. The original caption written for this photograph defined the poor as widows, the unemployed, unmarried mothers and the derelict. Picture: Herald Sun Image Library

Mods, Rockers, Folk Devils, Deviants

Mods and Rockers defined clannish separatism in the 60's - I would have been a rocker, I think...

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RUSTAM QBIC from Kazan, Russia - paintings saturated with lush storybook and are defined by a playful sense of the absurd. Popping up in both expected and unexpected locales, his murals not only on the crumbling walls of derelict buildings but also that of apartment buildings.His art recalls the various motifs of house and home, nature, and man’s role.The juxtaposition of the familiar with the unexpected.