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Define Critique

Text about identity- interests, emotions, facts about them such as name physical features etc, could copy some genetic code out for a human

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A radical returns

'Berger is one of the most influential British intellectuals of the past 50 years, still best known for his seminal book of art criticism, Ways of Seeing, which was published in 1972 and has shaped the thinking of at least two generations of artists and students. From as far back as 1958, though, when he wrote his first novel, A Painter In Our Time, he was dealing with exile and displacement, which, has since become one of the defining political and social issues of our time.'

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What is art? 6 Artworks that Help Define Art

The Art Curator for Kids - Art About Art - What is art? - 6 Artworks that Help Define Art - Aesthetics Discussion Questions

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You’re just somebody that I used to know (30 photos)

So stop! Would you like people to strictly judge you on your past? Yea, I didn't think so. So shut your mouth and worry about fixing and critiquing yourself, not others!

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Urban Maps : This book concerns the city and the 'devices' that define the urban environment by their presence, representation or interpretation. The texts offer an interdisciplinary discourse and critique of the complex systems, artifacts, interventions and evidences that can inform our understanding of urban territories; on surfaces, in the margins or within voids. The diverse media of arts practices as well as commercial branding are used to explore narratives that reveal latent...

When students practice giving kind, specific and helpful feedback on each other's work, they learn the value of revision and define for themselves what quality work looks like.

Between Men and Feminism (RLE Feminist Theory) :: <P><EM>Between Men and Feminism</EM> had its origins in a lively colloquium at St John’s College, Cambridge in 1990. It discusses how two decades of feminism have affected the ways men define their own masculinities, and how they have responded in their own social, sexual and political lives to the challenges posed by the evolving feminist critiques of patriarchy and maleness itself.</P> <P>The collection contains a great diversity ...

10+ Art Therapy Ideas

Social pressures on women. I love this piece. The woman rejects the many social pressures women face, often dealing with weight and body image (critique).

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