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Define Colleague

ALTHOUGH 30 Rock‘s Jack Donaghy (Alec Baldwin) is conventional enough in his office attire, his stinging one-liners on style define him as a fictional style icon, and one of the most popular TV characters of recent years. For instance, when long-suffering colleague Liz Lemon asks him why he’s wearing a tuxedo, he replies with “It’s after six. What am I, a farmer?”

Modernism in Belgian by KONSTRUCKTO (PLASTOLUX "keep it modern")

Modernism in Belgian, in mind has to be defined by George Vandenbussche together with his colleague Mark Verkest forming KONSTRUCKTO. This house was designed in 1964 then built in 1969. I don’t think

Man 'murders colleague's three-year-old daughter'

Man arrested on suspicion of fatally stabbing colleague's daughter on visit to factory workplace’s Word of the Day - festschrift - (often initial capital letter) a volume of articles, essays, etc., contributed by many authors in honor of a colleague, usually published on the occasion of retirement, an important anniversary, or the like.


4 Questions to Ask Yourself So You Can Make Wise Decisions

As wives, we make so many decisions on a regular basis, but how can we make sure our decisions are in line with the Scriptures? Here are 4 questions you can ask yourself. Plus a FREE printable!


Alfred Eisenstaedt The way he captures photo in the moment to make it natural and give the photo a story behind. This is about the war being over and people celebrating about it and people want to see moments like that.

Recently, a colleague and I have been trying out an activity called speed-chat. One challenge we face in our context is giving our learners ample opportunities to practice the target language. This can be especially difficult because we have large classes, and many of our learners have had little experience in using English in unplanned situations. What is speed-chat?

'He brought forth some of the most searing images of the 20th century': Tributes after death of photographer whose pictures of the Vietnam War captivated the world

Newly independent Bangladesh guerrillas in Dacca use bayonets to torture and kill four men suspected of collaborating with Pakistani militiamen who had been accused of murder, rape and looting during months of civil war