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Is space-time shaped like a spiral?

Is space-time shaped like a SPIRAL? Universe has a 'golden ratio' that keeps everything in order, researchers claim

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Jean-Marie Lehn, co-winner of the 1987 Noble Prize in Chemistry, defined his field of Supramolecular chemistry as follows: “Atoms are letters. Molecules are the words. Supramolecular entities are the sentences and chapters.” Lehn advanced our understanding of how molecules interact with one another. Molecular Structure

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AS Chemistry - Redox Reactions and Group 2 Elements

A redox reaction is a reaction that involves both oxidation (the loss of electrons) and reduction (the gain of electrons). In order to identify whether a reaction is redox or not, you can write separate half equations that show how electrons are...


Researchers in the US have successfully teleported information encoded into particles of light over 100 kilometres of optical fibre, smashing the previous distance record of 25 km! #STEM #Infographic on quantum teleportation.