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Define Chemistry

Chemical Reactions Pt 2...have students draw and define in their notebook

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chemical reaction posters--site has lots of great infographic style chemistry posters to download and print

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Is space-time shaped like a spiral?

Is space-time shaped like a SPIRAL? Universe has a 'golden ratio' that keeps everything in order, researchers claim

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Fun Psychology facts here! Think the semantic part of my brain is on the fritz!

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Jean-Marie Lehn, co-winner of the 1987 Noble Prize in Chemistry, defined his field of Supramolecular chemistry as follows: “Atoms are letters. Molecules are the words. Supramolecular entities are the sentences and chapters.” Lehn advanced our understanding of how molecules interact with one another. Molecular Structure

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Trends in the Periodic Table// where was this when I took chemistry!?

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effloresce: to burst into bloom; blossom #dictionarycom #words

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AS Chemistry - Redox Reactions and Group 2 Elements

A redox reaction is a reaction that involves both oxidation (the loss of electrons) and reduction (the gain of electrons). In order to identify whether a reaction is redox or not, you can write separate half equations that show how electrons are...

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OMG that happens to me a lot!!! Like when the teacher asks the class I know what it means but I can't explain it.

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I dont perricuraly give up ill go listem to music and anylizw it from every possible angle and find an answer

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