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Ever since our discussion about all-white walls, I've been thinking a lot about design styles — especially those that get a bad rap. And when it comes to design choices that people seem to unilaterally loathe these days, it's wall-to-wall carpet. A quick search through our archive of over 17,000 posts reveals that the word 'removed' was the most commonly appearing word before the word 'carpet.' It feels as if every home tour, makeover and shop visit we've ever run features some version of…

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Chavier Griffin Course Number: 53344 Title: The Makings of Me For my ARTiFACT Project I decided to use Prezi as my visual presentation because it's quick, fun, and easy! It also displays pictures that help define my culture.


Artifact presents Tracy Boyd- Her artwork evokes a sense of struggle and survival. Defined brush movement, intense texture and scale induce intimacy and carry as much power as the sentiment behind her subjects.

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Fish in the Bulb. An #artifact made by a general #Photo #Manipulation Technic using #Adobe #Photoshop. Based on a simple ideology to show case the popular Hindi #proverb - "kue ka mendak" which refers to the fact that a frog born and living in a well believes that the well is the world as it has never seen outside of it. So we gave a different #concept all together to define the particular proverb.

Meeting Francie Nolan at a Rape Survivor Support Group

Meeting Francie Nolan at a Rape Survivor Support Group - Beautifully written essay, defines and discusses the "Ideal Rape Narrative" and how that cultural artifact often silences those who experience rape.

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10 Paladin Magic Items (PFRPG) Boots of the Brave allow you to excel when kicking down the door and protecting your allies when covering their retreat (temporarily enhancing their flight-speed!), including an option that allows you to make combat maneuvers to shut down enemy movement. Pretty cool item, though the latter option to negate movement of target creatures may be a bit strong for the 18,500 GP price-tag of the superior boots. Bracers of Heroic Deeds allow you to catch allies about…

Kintsugi (to patch with gold) or Kintsukuroi (to repair with gold) is the Japanese art of fixing broken pottery and ceramics using a lacquer resin sprinkled with powdered gold (or silver). Rather than being concealed, the damage is celebrated and becomes a defining feature of the object. As a general rule, the repaired artifact acquires far higher value and enjoys greater appreciation than it had in its previously undamaged state.