The first understandable definition of "dystopia" I've seen. Followed by the definition of "apocalypse" and the difference between the two.

This is only partially correct. "The definition of "dystopia" and the definition of "apocalypse" and the difference between the two.

(Open RP. I'm the girl) They put my hand in the scanner. The scanner chose what your fate was. I pull my hand out when it's finished. It said slave. "No. This can't be right!" I say nervously as the guard grab any shoulder. "It is what it is." He says and lead me to another room. "You will stay here until you are sold" he says and the door closes. Months later the door opens. A boy about my age stands there. "Hello" he says. It was obvious he had bought me.

Top 10 Barcode Tattoo Designs


Legendary director George Miller is back directing MAD MAX's FURY ROAD for what is sure to make the Fast & Furious 7 look like Lego movie fodder

Young adult fiction – 6 most interesting infographics and charts

Young adult books – 10 most interesting infographics and charts

Richard Jefferies 1905 "After London; or Wild England"

book of the year: This pre post apocalyptic novel has inspired me to read all pre post apocalyptic novels despite its unsatisfying ending

Now that the Japanese theatrical release of Attack on Titan is approaching, here are 5 things you should know about this massively popular post-apocalyptic fantasy.

5 Things you need to know about the new live-action Attack on Titan movie

Mac lipstick love the bright colours. Though I dont know why youd call a lipstick dementia!

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How to Make MAC Lipstick Colors With Crayons - DIY This step-by-step photo tutorial will show you how you can avoid spending a ton of money and time picking out lipsticks in department stores. So practical and budget wise!

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Divergent: Book Review

Divergent (Veronica Roth) - Not the hunger games but if you loved the hunger games you'll love this too! I'm still team Peeta but this is a close second to favorite dystopia novels. Also the only book where I've liked the movie better than the movie

The end is nigh, guys. Thankfully there's a lot of literature out there that will help you and your family get through end times.

It’s Post-Apocalyptic Survival Month. Read These if You Want to Live.

September is Post-Apocalyptic Survival Month, and the end is nigh. Thankfully there’s a lot of literature out there that will help you and your family get through end times.First things first, guys.