Apocalypse Disney Role Play anyone? TAKEN: Anna, Aurora , Elsa, Ariel, Megara.

wanna go on an adventure?

wanna go on an adventure? It's like when I claim I am being rebellious by wearing my non approved, non uniform jacket; even though, I've never been to the principals office and am a part of academic honor roles.

▶  15m Meditation with Color

Items similar to Mandala Apocalypse Original (Rainbow Copic Marker Psychedelic Spiritual Buddhist Hindu Meditation Drawing) on Etsy

Tension Traps  Employing fire-hardened spear points under tension, these can be deadly to predator and prey alike.This trip-wire set is effective for wild pigs, deer, or other game that regularly sticks to defined game trails. Make certain the horizontal thrust of the spear is at a level that will impale the body of the game sought.

Six Primitive Traps For Catching Food In The Woods. I've made several dead fall traps before, but I am eager to try some of these others. The spring spear trap looks especially fierce.

Knight XV Fully Armored SUV

Knight XV Fully Armored SUV

New Cars 2012 Conquest Knight XV standard features currently embody a newly redesigned interior and cockpit, front and rear business grade air ride suspension, front power windows, and roof mounted, joystick-controlled searchlights.

I aint a police officer or dispatcher. But I am a transit dispatcher and I can say i recognize a few of these lol

Police codes infographic

This infographic has all police codes including APCO 10 codes, 11 codes, phonetic alphabet & more. View this police scanner code visual.

A spy in the WH. Maybe Stephen King can write a book about it.

A spy in the WH. Maybe Stephen King can write a book about it.

...plus, in a REAL zombie apocalypse, shooting things with guns is not only accepted, but encouraged.

The zombie apocalypse

Funny pictures about The zombie apocalypse. Oh, and cool pics about The zombie apocalypse. Also, The zombie apocalypse photos.

5 relationship red flags

5 relationship red flags