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book corner- I would love to set one up in the preschool room with a selection of books linking to the stories and/or theme for the term, books that would be shared and used through the term and changed each term.


Part 2- Granny Square Cat (USA terns) #grannysquarecat 5) At this point, I wove in the 3 dangling ends, because there WILL be more! Just for fun, this time I used the two pink ends to go around the front and back again, to define the little mouth. 6) SS into the chain space, and then CH 2 more to be DC height. Make 2 more DC to finish off the cluster, CH2, then 3DC into the chain space. 7) finish the round with 3DC, CH2, 3DC into each corner. SS to the top loop at the beginning of the…

<p>Airbnb Trips - Simply Hospitality's take Brian Chesky’s keynote announcing the launch of Airbnb Trips at the Airbnb Open was greeted by much applause and love. Airbnb is once again re-imagining and re-defining the face of hospitality and travel. Blending…</p>