CPR Training for Infants. If an infant appears unresponsive follow these steps, you might help save lives. This infographic was brought to you by CPR Certified. Apart from CPR, you can also help a victim of a sudden cardiac arrest using a Portable Defibrillator, you can learn more about Defibrillators in our article: http://insidefirstaid.com/personal/first-aid-kit/portable-automated-external-defibrillators-aed-cpr-protect-others-from-sudden-cardiac-arrest #cpr #instructions #training…

How to Perform CPR on Adults this one is esay to follow i think than the one in blue

AED Practi-Trainer Essentials,Fully compliant with the new 2010 ECC CPR guidelines, the unit is compatible with any type of CPR manikin that is intended for AED training.WNL’s Universal Practi-TRAINER Essentials includes: 4 complete units with 2 pre-programmed scenarios installed 4 sets of child pads and connectors 4 sets of adult pads and connectors 12 AA batteries 1 manual Zippered, nylon-lined, fabric carrying case with handle 1-year manufacturer’s warranty

Rescue gone wrong.... Actually these are Firefighters training on a dummy. - Quick, get the defibrillator. #training #firebrigade #firedepartment #firefighter #emt #medic #humour

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ACT High School CPR & Defibrillator Training Program for 20 high schools in the Region of Waterloo! @Dana Blake

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