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Oftentimes, pride gets in the way of reconciliation. Although the humiliation and defamation of character creates pain in you, learn to walk away from those fights that will get you no where. This is how cyber-bullies gain their power, from the constant back and forth arguing. Don't fuel the fire.


This printable complaint form can help you sue a party for defamation of character through slander or libel. Free to download and print

Please don't forget that slander, libel and defamation of character all carry torts and legal action can be justified and carried through to the fullest. Just remember this while your spreading lies to try and destroy my reputation.


Exhibit-8-Troll Triad is a PSA to help online users understand how groups of iPredators use Information and Communications Technology to slander, defame and character assassinate their targets. Troll Triad is also a cybercriminal and cyber psychological concept describing how members within these groups, assume archetypal roles in their defamation of character campaigns. Freedom of Speech is not Freedom to Slander.