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Alliums in the flower border -- they look like little pom-poms or like the flower in the lorax.

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Alchemilla Mollis - May 2013. Perennial with scalloped, bright green foliage and a haze of tiny, light-green or yellow flowers in the summer months.

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Phlomis tuberosa Amazone | How dramatic! As tall dark strong upright stems hold many whorls of lilac pink flowers that stack up looking rather like a chandelier! Phlomis are best known for their handsome woolly dark green foliage and are excellent for cutting and drying. Drought tolerant. Prefers well-drained soil in full sun. Height 120cm (48”). Spread 90cm (36”). Hardy perennial.

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Campanula portenschlagiana (Clopotei albastri)

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Fargesia A non running clumping bamboo thats evergreen and fast growing. Depending on the variety can range from 6-8' to 12-18' tall. Did I mention its shade tolerant AND deer resistant? Beautiful soft texture complements other shade loving broadleaf and needled evergreens well.

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