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Animal Pun Card, Woodland Creature, Deer Print, Love Card

Animal Pun Card Woodland Creature Deer Print by Kacey Schwartz at

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I Doe-n't Give a Buck | Tote

Show just how little bucks you give with this funny animal pun tote bag featuring a white tailed deer doe and the phrase " I DOEn't give a BUCK!" This funny deer design is perfect for people who don't give a fuck, hunters, people who love cheeky animal jokes, dad jokes, and expressing their sassy smart assy nature with disarmingly cute looking animals.

I deer you bro. cute deer! It's actually a dik dik (I believe). I've wanted one since I first saw them at the San Diego Zoo. That's the adult!

Of course McGonagall knew! She knew about all 3 of them and didn't say anything because she knew why they did it!

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(Not saying that these orientations are only characters. Just saying that the way they're illustrated is colorful and cute.)

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