Flambeau Masters Series Boss Buck Whitetail Deer Decoy

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Flambeau Masters Doe Deer Decoy by Flambeau. Flambeau Masters Doe Deer Decoy. One Size.

$99 - Bring the game to you with Hard Core® Ole Jack Deer Decoy. Paired with some scent and a good grunt, this deer decoy is a perfect way to bring bucks to you. With accurate size and life-like posture, the decoy will be challenged by live bucks looking to establish dominance. With its collapsible design, the easily transportable Hard Core® Ole Jack deer decoy will draw game in like a moth to a flame.

7 Secrets to Using Deer Decoys Effectively - By Judd Cooney. If decoys don’t work for you, you probably haven’t tried these deer hunting strategies!

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To effectively use deer decoys throughout the rut, a hunter must match the setup to the emotional state of mature bucks. #ThisIsLegendary

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