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The Best Falafel I’ve Ever Made

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Nan's Batter for Fish

Nan s Batter for Fish from Pinner says: "like the take-out batter used here in Newfoundland for fish. Very tasty with the perfect amount of each ingredient without it being too oily or salty. I just fried this in a pan with some oil. I guess you can deep fry them also. This made enough to coat about 1 1/2 -2 lbs of cod."

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This scrumptious General Tso's Chicken Recipe is gluten free & lightly pan fried, instead of deep fried, making it a healthier version of the Chinese takeout favorite!

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Salmon Alfredo Pasta

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How To Make Sheet Pan Steak Frites

Steak frites, the French version of meat and potatoes found often on the menu at brasseries throughout Europe, is traditionally a juicy, pan-seared steak with a butter sauce and deep-fried, skinny French fries. In this home-friendly rendition, we're making steak frites in under 40 minutes, in one sheet pan, without the fuss and mess of deep-frying. With a few key tricks, you can successfully make this restaurant staple at home on a weeknight.