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Deed Poll Uk

In the words of Destiny's Child, 'Say my name, say my name, your name is kinda shady, ain't calling me that baby, so why not make a change...'

UK Deed poll online office LTD provides a fast effective Deed Poll service which is what you can use to change your name legally in the UK.

UK Deed Poll Service - A woman's name change rights and options upon marriage

Skint student sold his SURNAME for £200 - his new one is a bit of a mouthful

Alan Kerr, 33, changed his name by deed poll to an independent record label to support his art studies Trashmouth Records

Disabled man named after pirate accuses government of 'daylight robbery'

The 46-year-old, who changed his name by deed poll, suffers severe epilepsy and struggles to walk after injuring his head

Student changed his name by deed poll to avoid £220 airline fee

Adam Armstrong, will fly to Ibiza as planned next week after changing his name by deed poll and ordering a new passport - all instead of paying a Ryanair fee.

How did deed poll start ? What is the history behind deed poll ? learn how deed poll first started at and