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How Serious is Decompression Sickness?

How Serious is Decompression Sickness? -


Decompression Sickness vs Nitrogen Narcosis


Exit Strategy: Scuba Diving Decompression Explained



Lessons For Life: Know Your Limits

Lessons For Life: Know Your Limits. Flying and decompression sickness. Scuba Diving Magazine.

Doctor: Why Did I Get Unexplained DCS (Decompression Sickness)?

Often, #decompression sickness can be a random event, and the cause remains unknown. #scuba #diving


Can You Scuba Dive on Your Period?

Can you scuba diving on your period? Here considerations for menstruating scuba divers, including the liklihood of shark attacks, the risk of decompression sickness, and the use of tampons.

What It's Like To Get Bent

Even safe divers can get bent and suffer decompression sickness. What is it like to get bent? Jill Heinerth: "Feeling marching ants crawling under the skin of my thighs at 60 feet during decompression, it was clear to me that I was bent."