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Declaration of Independence Opener, Close Read, and Wiki Assignment

A fun way to engage your students in one of our founding documents. Includes: Standards associated with assignments, opening strategy, Declaration of Independence with guiding questions and place for annotation and notes, a wiki-writing assignment that requires students to work in groups to answer thought-provoking questions, and a closing/summarizing activity that requires students to determine the most important things they need to know about the Declaration.

July 4, 1776. The declaration summarized the colonists motivation to get their independence. When they declared themselves an independent nation it made the American colonists make an official alliance with France, and get assistance from the French in the war against Great Britain. The declaration is the nations most cherished symbol of liberty. Jefferson made this summary of disagreements against the king to justify before breaking the ties from the mother country, and the colones.

Collection of videos all relating to the 13 colonies, Jamestown, Pocahontas, Boston massacre, tobacco crops, mystery of Raleigh colony etc.

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CCSS RH 7.2- Determine the central ideas or information of a primary or secondary source; provide an accurate summary of the source distinct from prior knowledge or opinion. CCSS WHST 7.2a-f Write informative/explanatory texts, including the narration of historical events, scientific procedures/experiments, or technical process. Stone facsimile of the Declaration, created 1823. (GLC00154.02)

The Declaration of Independence is the founding document of American history. The Declaration of Independence is the founding document of American history.

Declaration of Independence: Summary, Text & Signers

Thomas Jefferson's original rough draft of the Declaration of Independence, written in June 1776, including all the changes made later by John Adams, Benjamin Franklin and other members of the committee, and by Congress.

The Revolutionary War - A Social Studies Unit for 5th Graders

This is a short, clearly narrated video about the Declaration of Independence. It is an overview of relevant events and historical figures and uses images mostly dating from the time the document was written, as well as photographs of original flags, Continental Hall in Philadelphia, the Liberty Bell, the document itself and a map showing the 13 colonies. The musical background is also period music. It would be a good introduction or study aid to the topic. It was made by the RBE Library.

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