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Decimal Place Value With Playing Cards!

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Fractions, Decimals and Percentages Cards

This worksheet shows students how to write numbers in fractions, decimals and percentages. You could easily create your own using Microsoft Word to change the numbers, or leave blank spaces for the students to find the answers.

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Extending Decimal Place Value Understanding Through Problem Solving

Multiple representations helps students develop a deeper understanding of decimals. Download these place value mats for FREE!

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Fraction – Percentage – Decimal Math Puzzles

from Little Room Under the Stairs: Educational Math Activities and More

Decimal Activities to Engage Your Students

Engage your students when teaching decimals. This decimal activity allows your students to practice writing decimals, putting decimals in order, reading decimals, and rounding decimals. You'll also get them out of their seats and moving in math.

from Games 4 Gains

Score Some Points with Place Value Yahtzee!

This FREE Place Value Yahtzee game worked great in my math centers! The free score cards include 3-digit, 4-digit, 6-digit, and decimal numbers.