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DECEMBER – OAK MOON Also known as the Moon of Long Nights Plan for a ritual to help remain steadfast in all your actions


Across from my window the full moon"s brilliance is always looming large. Surrounded by carefully hung stars above it and the lighted blue velvet sky. This view is a most precious gift hung from my neighbors windows. They too have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night. ~Linda~


full moon -- Questions to ask myself: How has my intention taken shape? What was the most fun action I took during the waxing phase? What am I most proud of? What do I want to release – that is no longer serving me?


Time to put out your crystals, cards, art supplies and items you want charged in the Full Moon which is occurring in the early hours on December 25th. Happy Full Moon and holiday season, however you celebrate #fullmoon #fullmooncharging #crystals #energy #thegoddesscircle #caracampbell #fullmoonincancer

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Full Moon "La Luna" Print Recovered Vintage Image to Frame


Sacred Rituals Winter Solstice Kundalini Awakening   Dearest star child, June 20 marks the winter solstice under a heavenly full moon.  In honour of your Divine inner light I am sending you a sacred solstice ritual.   Red is the colour associated with the root chakra where our kundalini lays dormant awaiting the spark of re-birth. The solstice beckons you to retreat beautiful one. Go home to your wholeness. Go within to the sacred temple of your soul and there take shelter. Find…