Granite organized December calendar 2016 wallpaper you can download for free on the blog! For any device; mobile, desktop, iphone, android!

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Have fun learning about Penguin Awareness day - penguin crafts, penguin activities, penguins snacks for kids. Lots of great activities for kids to do!

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Sticky mincemeat bun wreath - A tear-and-share wreath that will be popular with children and adults alike. If you want to make the buns but not in a wreath shape, just bake them individually for the same amount of time.

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We do this! Each day of December we have an activity to do. Essentially it's an advent calendar but we don't call it that. I put each little card in a miniature stocking. The stockings are hung along our bannister. The kids get to pull out the card each day. Most are things we do anyway, but it's a fun way to organize our holiday season.

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