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One of my favorite lines from the Bill Nye / Ken Ham debate.

It's a fact that evolution is not true! - No, it is a fact that Evolution is a theory that has lots of evidence behind it, and if it changes over time, it is not because Creationists are right, it is because our scientific knowledge will grow and change

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'I’d look her right in that fat ugly face': Hillary Clinton's ballsy new advert hits sexist Trump where it hurts

Ahead of the first televised US Presidential debate tonight, Hillary Clinton's campaign has released a new advert.

3 things to do immediately if you feel burned out

Sleep in peace tonight God is bigger than anything you will face tomorrow faith quote Dave Willis

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Clinton vs. Trump: Watch the Second Presidential Debate Live -

Clinton vs. Trump: Watch the First Presidential Debate Live -

The big debate: tonight's the night

The big debate: tonight's the night Caption:New Jersey and New York team up on Florida.