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Ha ha! 10/12/2016. #GrowUp #NeverWouldEvenTrustYou #WereScrewed #VotingForThirdParty

The Donald Trump Reality Show, it's huuuuge, with his comb-over, bizarre hate rhetoric, absolutely no legit plans, no tax release & optional debate committment. Runs against the #ElectionFraud queen, making her sound good to his ridiculously bad portrayal of a presidential candidate. Enjoy the show. I'm #UnitingBehindBernie #BernieOrBust

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Presidential debate sparks hilarious memes

'I didn't watch the debate, doesn't matter we're screwed either way,' one social media user said as he posted this meme

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Accountants in Essex on

WOW! New Story From Time!: An Australian Chicken Restaurant Has a Live Chicken Running Its Twitter - check out more - accountantsinesse

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Your eyes and ears should tell you what you saw in the Presidential Debate, not the Media Spin |TOTUS

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2012 Presidential Debates Drinking Game

2012 Presidential Debates Drinking Game A must, I think we will change it some, but FUN since we all get together for each debate

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Summary of the final presidential debate ( Clinton Vs Trump)