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Trump responds to Megyn Kelly's questions on misogyny – with more misogyny

But when his machismo went up against Megyn Kelly, the Fox News personality, debate moderator and nonstop voice for women’s issues, he didn’t stand a chance. In fact, Kelly spent most of the debate grilling Jeb Bush, Scott Walker and more candidates with surprisingly tough questions over reproductive rights and beyond. // For the record I'm not a fan of Ms Kelly. She also called Fiorina "Carly" but never referred to the men by first names.

After 16 Months of Record Heat, It’s Time to Elect a President

Debate moderators haven’t posed a single direct question about climate change.

Trump: Debate moderator allowed 'constant interruptions' from Kaine

'The constant interruptions last night by Tim Kaine should not have been allowed. Mike Pence won big!' Donald Trump wrote on Twitter after Tuesday's vice presidential debate.

NBC moderator attacked for his bias towards Clinton

Lester Holt has been lambasted on social media with accusations he favored Hillary Clinton following Monday night's presidential debates.

Ted Cruz Has Had Enough Of The CNBC Debate Moderators’ Dumb Questions, Dammit

At one point during the CNBC debate, Carl Quintanilla asked Ted Cruz a question about the debt limit. Cruz responded by taking the opportunity to slam the questions asked by the CNBC moderators. Cruz continued to bloviate on about how great and smart he and the other candidates are — also how the Democratic candidates are Soviet Union-era czars or something — then when the moderators tried to move on he got pissy because they weren’t going to let him answer the question they originally…


ABC News scrambles to downplay Obama’s attendance at VP debate moderator’s wedding, and also the fact that Obama selected her husband to head the FCC. This may explain why she allows Biden to repeatedly interrupt Ryan during the V.P. debate.


Republican debate runs off the rails as CNBC's moderators lose control

CNBC's hosts progressively lost control of Wednesday night's event as the GOP field hammered them for asking inaccurate questions and tryign to turn Republican against Republican.

Lester Holt: presidential debate moderator and proven fact-checker

Holt, a newscaster for 35 years, will mediate between two hungry candidates now tantalizingly close to claiming the most powerful post on Earth.

Republican candidates attack media over tough debate questions

Trump, Rubio, Cruz and Carson ganged up on CNBC and the mainstream media for political biases as debate moderators grilled candidates on their fiscal policies