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Debate Drinking Game 2016

2016 Presidential Debate Drinking Game. A way to get into the "spirit" of the election. Buzzwords and party ideas included

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Need a way to make the 2016 Presidential Debates bearable? There is an answer! Presidential Debate Bingo is a drinking game for up to seven people, where each Bingo tile features a phrase, general topic, or action that is likely to occur during a Presidential Debate. Every time a player gets a tile, they have to take a shot. But wait, theres more! Some tiles have red lettering. When a player gets one of these tiles, they have to roll a dice. Depending on the number rolled, the player will…

Election Drinking Game: We had 100 jello red/blue jello shots for our election party. When a state was called, we shot the loser's color and put the winner on the map. This is what it looked like after Ohio was called.

The Official GOP Debate Drinking Game Rules, Pt. 3 'Some thought we should change the rules that made us all too drunk last time. Sorry, America. The third Republican debate is here - hydrate!' Matt Taibbi, RS

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