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'At least 28 factual errors': Escobar's son pans 2nd season of Narcos

Pablo Escobar headed the notorious Medellin drug cartel until his death in 1993

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Notorious Nazi went from WW2 to working with drug lord kingpins

Brutal: German SS officer and Nazi war criminal Klaus Barbie was responsible for the deaths of 14,000 people during World War Two. Despite his crimes, the CIA enlisted his help and he went on to be a pivotal figure in a vicious cocaine trade in Latin America

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Ex-Pablo Escobar enforcer who killed 300 seeks new career as YouTube star

Ex-Pablo Escobar enforcer who killed 300 seeks new career as YouTube star John Jairo Velásquez, who ordered the deaths of thousands in Colombia, has upset victims’ relatives, though he says his channel aims to discourage crime

lu-art: La muerte de Pablo Escobar, 1999, Fernando Botero. #Impressionism #Art…

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Son of Pablo Escobar says he KILLED HIMSELF and was NOT shot by police

Juan Pablo Escobar (left), the son of Colombian drug boss Pablo Escobar (right) says he loves his father despite his reign of crime and terror through the South American nation

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The eerie abandoned island's of Colombia's once powerful drug lords

Pablo Escobar was a folk hero in parts of Colombia and was reputedly worth hundreds of millions of dollars before his death in 1993 in an escape attempt

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Eerie pictures reveal lavish lifestyle of drug kingpin Pablo Escobar

Abandoned: The whitewashed property was one of the grandest on the islands, reflecting how Pablo Escobar was the country's most successful drug baron, until his death in 1993

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