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John Lennon Crime Scene | ... Stealing Voices & Naming Names: Tim Riley's Biography of John Lennon

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The Death of John Lennon | John Lennon Death Photo National Enquirer DECEMBER 8 1980, ONE OF THE SADDEST DAYS FOR ME EVER, I'M SURE I AM NOT ALONE.

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32 years ago today in New York City a coward killed an innocent man in cold blood so he could be famous. I refuse to call the coward by name because that is exactly what he wanted from the world. Rest in peace, John.

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Astrid Kerchherr, photographer. John and George. Inspiration for With the Beatles album cover.

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Story of the Liverpool ECHO: Famous front pages from our history

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John by Astrid Kirshherr (photog.) after Stu's death. Stu was a beatle -- he played bass. Good friend of Johns. Paul played guitar. Stu quit Beatles did ART again, he died of a brain anyeurism. John was very close friends w/Stu -- which is why it was almost impossible to fire him.

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Read about how Beatlemania took the UK, USA and the whole world by storm! The phenomenal rise to fame, the break-up, the tragic death of John Lennon and other stories around the lives of the Fab 4 from 1963 to present day. A must have for all Beatles fans. #nostalgia #nostalgicgifts #gift #giftsforgrandparents

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