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Death by Coconut by Oskar Blues Brewery while watching death by election on tv. Nice porter with some coconut goodness. Sheepdog Approved!

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Death by coconut {El Nido, Philippines}

Death by coconut | Adventurers at Heart...

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Coconut Breakfast Buns

If this sounds like death by coconut to you, then rest assured: it's one of the sweetest ways to go.

Butternut & Coconut Curry: When I went to Thailand a couple of years ago I became quite scared of coconuts, the locals told me that the most common death on the Island was ‘death by fallen coconut’. I remember thinking that I can’t let a coconut be the thing that kills me, I mean how embarassing! So I spent the rest of the month constantly looking up and walking into trees/beach huts/local children. Didn’t die in the end though so that was good...

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Infographic: Shark attacks

You've got a greater chance of being squished to death by a snack machine, or killed in a macabre conspiracy between your bed and the floor, than being eaten by a shark. But do you see people torching snack machines and burning beds? No! This great infographic provides these and other interesting facts.


The death of Calvon Reid in Coconut Creek who was tased multiple times by police officers is now under investigation. Reid's death has been ruled a homicide. Police murders have retained their jobs.

I hate pictures like this. Yes it may look awesome but the picture's intention is to say that sharks are fearsome creatures.....NOT TRUE!! Less than 80% of shark attacks are fatal. The fact is, more people are killed by coconuts than sharks (lol). What happens is a coconut falls on your head and BAM! instant death. Coconuts, the lethal fruit......