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Deadshot is a hired assassin and the world's greatest marksman. Having been a super-villain and anti-hero, he'll commit any murder for the right price because of a notorious suicidal death wish. Despite this, he works very hard to protect his estranged ex-wife Susan Lawton and his daughter Zoe Lawton.

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Justice League vs Suicide Squad #1 (Tyler Kirkham Variant)

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Which Suicide Squad Member Are You?

The new Suicide Squad it! I know this should more fit towards a movie board but I'm so putting in the comic book one.

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Arkham Asylum, Ivy would still be green but other than that these are amazing

Arkham Asylum

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Will Smith’s Full Deadshot Costume and Mask Revealed in SUICIDE SQUAD Photo

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Esquadrão Suicida vira sopa de letrinhas em novo cartaz para IMAX

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Novos pôsteres de Esquadrão Suicida são revelados

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Art by @art.samdelatorre piece based on sculpting by David Fernandez Barruz that I posted last night “Warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to...

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Wicked Cool and Unique Character Poster Art for SUICIDE SQUAD

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Not Marvel but felt the need to post this because its important. People should not be shipping Harley and the Joker. It is an abusive relationship, not romantic

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Will Smith holds Margot Robbie in his arms as they shoot Suicide Squad

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