New SPIDER-MAN/DEADPOOL Comic Book Series Announced; Here's Some of the Art

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Deadpool Comic Book Superhero Light Switch Plate by ComicRecycled

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Since Deadpool is kinda my favorite comic book character, I feel like this needs to happen sometime.

Here's a Deadpool that I did during a night of Skype & Draw with some friends.

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Deadpool Variant cover for Mark Waid’s upcoming S. comic by artist John Tyler Christopher

Funny Deadpool Comics

69 Hilarious Deadpool Comics Moments

Funny Deadpool comics are a staple of the character himself. He's a well-known, well-liked parody of comic book characters themselves.

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69 Hilarious Deadpool Comics Moments

I <3 Deadpool and how he just acknowledges the fact he's a fictional character. There is, like, no fourth wall in Deadpool comics.

There has been very little Deadpool lately.

Deadpool might be my favorite individual comic book character of all time. Deadpool's primary trait is that he is completely and utterly insane; he runs his mouth constantly, has internal monologues with two separate personalities (White and Yellow Box),