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After credit ending of X-Men Origins: Wolverine showing that Deadpool is alive and his mouth is not sewed shut... I love Deadpool and they better make a movie for just him but they better not ruin his origins like they did for Wolverine. Loved the movie but they didn't do the best job with Deadpool's backstory in my opinion.

X-men origins: Wolverine hidden scene including deadpool!


Some guys think Deadpool is all about jokes: it's also about a sad backstory leading up to insanity, and dem feels.

‘Deadpool’ continues to intrigue fans who are desperately waiting for the February 2016 release. A new trailer and a quirky holiday-themed poster released.

Deadpool is set to be one of the top superhero movies of and to be unlike any other superhero movie has ever been. Empire reports that Wade Wilson (played by Ryan Reynolds) sets out in Detroit .

Deadpool - Best Parts (X-Men Origins: Wolverine)

Wade Wilson's backstory on X-Men Origins: Wolverine is the only good part of the movie and it is immensely better than the one in Deadpool

'Deadpool 2' Will Feature a Very Streamlined Backstory for Cable

Whatever the writers decide to do with Cable, they’ll have no shortage of superpowers to pick from. After all, do you really think that Deadpool 2 w.

AVENGING SPIDER-MAN 12 / Cover by Shane Davis  hnggggg my 2 favorite marvel characters

Spider-Man and Deadpool get sent to the principal's office avenging spiderman comic

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#deadpool #cat #strike