This works great!! It tinted my dead skin blue, so when I wiped it off after soaking, I just wiped until all the blue was gone. I waited for my feet to dry before putting lotion on them and I didn't even need lotion they were so smooth.

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Soft beautiful feet is now easy to gain. There are different homemade remedy shared earlier on the soft feet which really works but it take some time to show the results but today will share some exciting and simple homemade remedy which just gives you soft and smooth feet in the first wash, you just …

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After I soaked for the 20 minutes the dead skin on my heels was coming off as I wiped my feet.

Never pay for a pedicure AGAIN....5 TBSPNS of baking soda one and a half cups vinegar and hot water soak for thirty minutes...dead skin wipes off....follow with pumus stone...slap on baby lotion or lotion of choice and wrap in seran wrap cover with socks wait half hour and wha la new born baby on even the hardest most callused feet...though u may have to do it once a week for a month if your feet are super bad ...

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Make your own foot scrub. 3 ingredients. All natural. Do this every day for the softest feet ever.

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How to make an exfoliating foot scrub using Listerine! Exfoliates, removes foot odor, and leaves your feet tingly and refreshed.

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not as amazing as it made out to be, I used half cups of listerine and vinegar and 4 cups of hot/warm water. Left my feet in soak for 10 minutes and immediately after began using a dead skin remover on the heels of my feet, the dead skin sure as heck didn't 'wipe away' before I used the dead skin remover with pumice stone. However, ignoring the fact my feet and house smelt of vinegar, it did leave my feet very soft and slightly tingly. I lathered my feet in a foot cream and put socks on to…

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Sometimes a callus is caused by a faulty stride that puts extra pressure on a certain area of your foot.

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