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Elementary: “Dead Man’s Switch”

Alas, I cannot find a better picture of it, but I really like Watson's black dress in episode 20 of Elementary “Dead Man's Switch”.


BREAKING: Insider At WikiLeaks HQ Confirms The Worst, Assange DEAD MAN Switch Pulled

Jim Stone – Wikileaks confirmed gone, I believe this is 100 percent real + Aaron Kesel – INTERNET FRENZY: Is Assange Dead? WikiLeaks Compromised? | Rob Scholte Museum

CIA Finds 'Dead Man's Switch' Linked To Hillary Clinton: Who Are Daniel And Vincent Fleck? -

Edward Snowden tweets cryptic code: Was it a dead man's switch? - After posting a 64 character hex code that is believed to be an encryption key, the internet worries that the famed whistleblower may have been killed or captured resulting in the triggering of a dead man's switch and potentially the release of...