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Friday's FAB 5

Feast of Beltane Long ago, Celts celebrated Beltane, which was a calendar feast that welcomed summer. Bonfires figured largely into this celebration, and some activities included dancing around the fire, burning effigies of witches(?), and herding cattle in between bonfires. Fire was seen as a purifying source. In recent years, neopagans have begun to celebrate Beltane once more.


Ancient Egyptian- High Priestess who worked in the temples

:::: PINTEREST.COM christiancross ::::The Goddess Hathor and Pharaoh Seti (Sethos)I father of Ramses II.


I never thought Lagertha as weak but, she married such a jerk and stayed with him for so long. I wish the show had shown what his people did to make her Earl. Had they all felt sorry for her? Did they feel she was justified in stabbing him in the eye? She look so frightened when that guy whacked off her husband's head. They just didn't give us anything.


French Essentials: The Calendar – Mat 2 · Help with learning French – days in a month, days of the week, months of the year, years, and other useful words and phrases for Key Stage 2 & 3 (age 7 to 13) · The simple rules and phrases for describin