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Ever find yourself faced with a nothing to wear moment? Confused by trends and fed up with what’s in your wardrobe? Look to classic French style and you can't go wrong. Parisian women are famously faithful to quintessentially chic looks, opting for a formula of fail-safe pieces ensuring they can be out the door looking effortlessly cool in five minutes flat. Keen to know the secret? Here are the seven key pieces in every French fashionista’s wardrobe…

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For Stockholm's archipelago is so unpopulated, there's hardly any light & pollution and you can see an amazing number of stars at night. More

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#75c- Variety: Brings spice- accomplished with color, texture, form, space, or combo. Too much=clutter and confusing. There must be an underlying theme.

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Opposite day would be the day when all men wore heels , pencil skirts and of course , a fitted matching jacket. Bridget Jones panties or thongs ? You decode lol xx

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This whole thing was by far the most confusing thing I ever dealt with. All I know is that I love you and I'll keep loving you. I've missed you every day of my life. It was terrible without you here

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heart 16’s Word of the Day - paramnesia - <em>Psychiatry</em>. a distortion of memory in which fact and fantasyare confused.,the inability to recall the correct meaning of a word.

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