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Jackie Kennedy in her iconic pink Chanel suit and pillbox hat, the day her husband President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Love Field, Dallas, Texas, 1963.


Wing Commander Guy Gibson, commander of 617 Squadron, boarding his Lancaster. Eight of the 19 bombers were lost. 617 Squadron RAF was formed in March 1943 to attack the Mohne and Sorpe dams, which provided water to the Ruhr, and the Eder, which helped keep canals at navigable depth. A special bomb was developed for the mission by Barnes Wallis. Dropped from low level, it bounced on the water before sliding down the dam wall.

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I've loved the stars ever since I was 12. I have studied them since then whenever I have free time. I keep an eye out every night for something new to see. I have yet to see a comet or meteor shower, but I know I will one day. My late grandfather loved the night sky, but I never knew. I am a city girl stuck in the country, but every night, I enjoy only the one thing that has gotten me through these fast 5 1/2 years of my life.

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Signed first draft of FDR's 'Day That Will Live In Infamy' speech up for sale with a $1million pricetag

Just 33 minutes after President Roosevelt gave the 'Day of Infamy' speech, Congress passed the declaration of war on Japan (which he is pictured signing here)

Nancy Wake on her decision to fight the Nazis: "I resolved there and then that if I ever had the chance I would do anything, however big or small, stupid or dangerous, to try and make things more difficult for their rotten party." Excerpt from her memoir. She is also featured in Women Heroes of WWII:


Time travel is real, and time tourists tend to show up in large numbers around major historical events. One day, billions of time tourists are in ships above the city, quietly waiting.